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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  March 8, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PST

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rob: the new jersey man has been out of work for 15 years. exapparently supporting them up until october divorce and says she is still paying spousal support. jillian: that's an interesting one. rob: i will making him 273 million bucks come get it. jillian: have at it. have a good day, everyone. the house passing a watered down resolution that calls out all hatred. >> one resolution not mentioning her name because it's not about her. >> people in the democratic party don't hold her account for her anti-semitic remarks then others are going to feel they can do the same. >> former trump campaign manager paul manafort sentenced to 47 months in prison for tax and bank fraud. >> sort of like when they wheeled hannibal lechter in silence of the lambs. i have very little sympathy for paul manafort. >> today president trump heads to alabama to tour devastation from the worst tornado outbreak in that area in decades. >> first ly celebrating
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strong and courageous females ahead of international women's day today. >> we now have more women in congress than any other time. women's unemployment in the united states has reached the lowest level in 65 years. this is something to celebrate. ♪ life is a highway ♪ i want to ride it all night long. steve: a pretty shot of new york city on this, the 8th day of march, ladies and gentlemen, it's friday. ainsley: what does it mean life is a highway i want to drive it all night long like i'm just loving it i'm going really fast? steve: haven't really thought about it. brian: i don't even know. i know with the electric car you would have to stop every 300 miles if it's a tesla. steve: hey, serrie, why is life a highway? >> rascal flatts, life is a
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highway goes on and on. wikipedia. brian: you shut it off that's why it didn't answer. ainsley: is it a good highway does it have potholes. steve: along the way the democratic party hit a pothole yesterday. brian: what an embarrassment. steve: no kidding. what started out on monday as a house resolution to condemn the language used by freshman incoming congresswoman ilhan omar, it started as an anti-semitic resolution but then backlash from young democrats. nancy pelosi backed down and wound up introducing a kitchen sink resolution condemning all kinds of hate impacting a dozen different groups, including muslims, latino, asian americans lbgt people and a list of other groups subject to hate. in other words, they came up with resolution that just said hate is bad. ainsley: it was overwhelmingly passed 407 people said yes.
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23 all republicans said no to it and one who happened to be steve king who faced the blow back stepping down from committee for his comments about white nationalism. look at the people who voted yes. even dan crenshaw our congressman in texas said i voted yes. he sees it for what it really is. lead's be honest a deceitful way for democrats to give omar cover. her belief won't change her committee assignment should. brian: anti-semitic remarks date back to 2000 12. gutless maneuver by democrats who cannot get together on condemning anti-semitic behavior they decided to do something we learned in second grade don't say bad things about people. steve: we learned that in kindergarten. brian: i didn't go to preschool which i'm behind. i still want to go back and correct the record on that. the freshman have wielded more power than the 70-something-year-old speaker of the house. the democrats should be embarrassed. joe lieberman of all people,
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a jewish democrat spoke i can't believe what's happened to his party. >> if people in the democratic party don't stand up respectfully and hold her accountable for her anti-semitic remarks then others are going to feel they can do the same or they can take on other groups religious, racial or anything else with hatred. and that undercuts the unity that has always been the great strength of america. ainsley: i think the reason here nancy pelosi is scared about losing control of her party. she is trying to condemn anti-hate speech without really condemning it or condemning all types of speech and that way she doesn't have to name ilhan omar directly. steve: ilhan omar actually voted for the resolution that originally was supposed to condemn her comments. brian: her name of is not in it she should be high fiving everybody. steve: nowhere is it mentioned. nancy pelosi went out of her
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way to make excuses for omar and said things yesterday like this. nancy nancy it is one resolution addressing the forms of hatred not mentioning her name because it's not about her. i do not believe that she understood the full weight of the word. i feel confident that her words were not based on any anti-semitic attitude but that she didn't have a full appreciation of how they landed on other people where these words have a history and a cultural impact that might have been unknown to her. brian: by the way, she is insulting that woman in saying that she didn't understand this congresswoman from minneapolis. by the way they sat down with her in minnesota and tried to explain to her how some of her remarks about it's all about the benjamins, baby would be are a little bit offensive. nancy pelosi a week ago we condemn these remarks and call upon congresswoman omar to immediately apologize. now she truly doesn't understand the gravity of her remarks so i will
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condemn everything bad in the world and the useless resolution that even embarrassed fellow democrat eliot engel who said what is going on here? steve: look, it's the third time she has been criticized as a member of congress for things she has said. brian: put a countdown clock on the television, steve until the next time because it's coming up over and over again. steve: you would hope that she has learned that words have impact as nancy pelosi said. look, the party is split. if you sanction and here's why. while some people say it had to be about anti-semitism, if you sanction omar for her allegiance comments which she made last wednesday without mentioning the hatred that she has faced as a somalia somali refugee, then you are missing the point. >> this is something the democrats special the candidates do not want to have to answer. cory booker a prime example was dodging the questions listen to this. >> so any questions? anybody? oh. there right in front of me,
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yeah. >> senator, so regarding the controversy surrounding congresswoman omar. >> can we do off topic questions when we finish? i will happily sit and finish and talk with you about that. is there anything on this piece of legislation that's out there? i can't see the people in the back such a big room. no questions on that? then i will end this press conference and let my colleague here take -- are you walking all the way back over there? ainsley: that is so funny. brian: is that the guy you want as president. ainsley: who questions. then you ask a question he doesn't like we are going to end this press conference right now. brian: to me right there if you learned anything from president trump, he takes all questions at any time. i will call into shows. he will take wild questions walking in and out of the white house. sometimes he causes controversy in doing it but is he transparent in answering it. ainsley: anything but that. brian: i would like to answer any question that makes me like a good candidate. mano a mano wasn't that a
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presser for marijuana? steve: it was and it went off the rails. more on that later. let's talk a little bit later about paul manafort. brian: worst person ever. underline that worst person ever as he has been outlined for the past two years. steve: if you watch certain channels they have depicted that man like that. he, as you know, famously was convicted but not of russian collusion and judge t.s. ellis in washington, d.c. area reminded people who went to the sentencing yesterday mr. manafort was not convicted for anything to do with russian collusion. it had to do with his taxes. brian: steve, after that everybody at msnbc passed out. steve: here is why they passed out. because the federal sentencing guidelines were he should wind up with 20 years behind bars. he wound up with just a little under 4 years. and the judge ellis called the guidelines excessive and knowing that he was going to be criticized, he told the courtroom that anyone who didn't think the punishment was enough time should go
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and spend a day, a week in jail in the federal penitentiary, he, mr. manafort, has to spend 47 months there. ainsley: and face 50,000 dollars in fines. brian: this is the person they say is the worst person ever and no russian collusion by this judge and this is a paul manafort who was first a cooperating witness and then wasn't so the mueller probe wanted to pound him and instead he gets four years. four years is going to be tough. the nine months has always been served. >> some of which has been in solitary confinement. most of his transgressions happened before he even met donald trump and for those people who keep drawing lines to russia, keep in mind he owes money to this oligarch and on top of that he was keeping that guy in the loop to show how important he was and how he might be good for it down the line. ainsley: he was hiding his income overseas and democrats or people in the media especially, they wanted him to get more time
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apparently. as you said, the sentencing could have been between 19 and 24 years in prison. he got four years. many people would say that's enough. that's a lot. steve: ainsley, then others who say hey, look, this guy broke the rules and he should go away for a long time and when it was released that he is going to get 47 months they were apoplectic. watch this. >> it's sort of like when they wheeled hannibal lecter in on that gurney in silence of the lambs. i have very little sympathy for paul manafort at this point. >> impeachment only option protecting the country chairman not working in the american interest. >> his days of $10,000 suits are over. no matter how this plays out, is he going to prison for some period of time, most likely a long time. brian: how about four years. 40-something months prison. he is going to go next week in d.c. and get sentenced for additional crimes. ainsley: comparing him to hannibal lecter?
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didn't he murder people? steve: yeah, absolutely. brian: see if this is the beginning of the collapse of the russian collusion or aberration. and when mueller drops his report? who knows, it could be today. see if it's something that goes on a similar path as we just witnessed. steve: mueller started all out about russian collusion. that's what the probe, the scope memo outlined that is exactly what he is supposed to look at. now there have been some convictions but none having to do with trump and russia collusion. ainsley: all right. well, for those of us not breaking the law it's a good day, it is a friday. jillian: yes, it is a friday. let's get you caught up on a friday starting with this fox news alert. a man charged with murdering an illinois sheriff's deputy facing the death penalty. floyd brown shot and killed mchenry county deputy after jumping from a third story of a hotel trying to avoid an arrest warrant. brown then leading a high speed chase which turned into a six hour standoff. deposit any keltner spent 13
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years on the force. he leaves behind a wife and two kids. awful who knew him say he died doing what he loved. the girlfriend of embattled r and b singer are speaking out. they deny the claim that the singer brain washes and holds them hostage. >> when i was 17, my parents were actually making me, trying to get me to take photos with him. take sexual videos with him. all kinds of stuff. everything that he is saying is true. our parents are basically out here just to get money. >> r. kelly was not supposed to be at the interview. he was reportedly steps away the whole time. r. kelly is facing several sexual abuse charges. is he behind bars in chicago for not paying child support. turning now to extreme weather and extreme risk of avalanches in colorado. at least three major snow slides reported in the state burying cars and rupturing a gas line. >> i have never seen
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anything like this ever since all my 43 years that i have lived my life up here in the mountains. jillian: officials reporting at least 190 after lamps jus19056 lancastersthis week. celebrating international females. >> we now have more women in congress than any other time in our nation's history. women's unemployment in the united states has reached the lowest level in 65 years. this is something to celebrate. jillian: melania trump honoring women around the world at an event in washington, d.c. happy national women's day? brian: may every bar have women's night. make it friday. can you back me up on that? >> thank you. appreciate it. steve: on this friday the february's jobs reports set to come out at 8:30 eastern time. stuart varney has
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predictions and it's all good for your wallet. brian: while we greet stuart varney i'm going to look straight ahead. congress now fighting over nickel back. i'm not kidding. ♪ this is how you remind me what i really am neighbors... loved ones. living with diseases like cancer, epilepsy, mental health conditions and hiv. maybe you're one of them. but new medicare rules could deny access to the latest, most effective therapies... therapies that keep them healthy.
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are medicare cuts that save less than one percent worth the risk to millions of patients? president trump promised to protect medicare... we need him to keep his word.
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am. brian: as the u.s. notches 100th straight month of job gains. all eyes are on the february jobs report coming out 30 la this morning.
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ainsley: economists 180,000 jobs unemployment rate ticked down to 3.9%. steve: stuart varney of fox business joins us. stuart, essentially, you feel if you are watching right now and you want a job there is one out there for you? >> yes, sir. this is as good a time as i can remember to be an american worker. there are plenty of jobs out there. and the report that we're going to get in a couple of hours' time i think it will show that america has the strongest economy of all the industrial democracies. europe is slowing down. japan is slowing down. china is slowing down. america growing with 7 million unfilled jobs. now, that's quite a position to be in. ainsley: cosco is following suit. amazon $15 an hour thing and now costco is doing this. brian: without federal regulations. >> no regulation, they are just doing it costco 245,000 workers in america.
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they have just raised the minimum they will pay anybody is $15 an hour. that's the second time that they have raised wages in the last year. why they're doing it? they have got to retain the workers they have got and they have got to pay more to attract other workers. that's what happens in a full employment economy. steve: amazon is having a problem whole foods unit they jacked up the hourly wage 15 bucks. because it costs so much more they are cutting back people's hours. >> this appeared in the guardian no friend of amazon jumping on what might be negative pr. you are right. amazon pays $15 an hour. their whole foods workers it's hard to make whole foods profitable at that kind of wage level so they cut back the hours. so the gross payment of wages is cut back a little by amazon in this case according to some reports at the guardian. brian: we are getting people off the sideline. >> that's the whole point. brian: those stopped looking for work.
3:20 am
only 60% of our workforce. workforce beginning to grow people sitting out saying i can't find the job this might be the opportunity. i can't rationalize this anymore. >> people with disabilities are coming back into the job market and finding work. people with criminal background are coming back into the labor force and being accepted. that's the result of a full employed economy. that's why costco is raising wages. that's why all kinds of groups of people who have been not exactly marginalized but not been in the labor force to the same degree they are coming back. in. brian: have you thought about doing your show today on fox bills 9 to noon? >> i have given it a lot of thought. brian: and? >> i'm going to do. brian: 9 to noon fbn. >> can't resist. steve: jobs numbers live at 8:30. ainsley: teacher under fire after asking a student to wash ashes off his head on ash wednesday. her response. steve: my goodness.
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pete hegseth having breakfast with friends in the heart of bernie sanders country. we will have breakfast live on "fox & friends." brian: is he holding one of the signs? where is t he? ♪ althy gums and strong teeth. complete protection from parodontax has 8 designed benefits for healthy gums and strong teeth. complete protection from parodontax. so let's promote our spring ftravel deals, on like this: (sneezes) earn one free night when you stay just twice this spring. allergies. or.. badda book. badda boom. book now at [music playing] jerry has a membership to this gym, but he's not using it. and he has subscriptions to a music service he doesn't listen to and five streaming video services he doesn't watch. this is jerry learning that he's still paying for this stuff he's not using. he's seeing his recurring payments in control tower in the wells fargo mobile app. this is jerry canceling a few things. booyah.
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nope. you sure you're not pullin' my leg? i think it's your dog. oh it's him. good call. get the data options you need, and still save hundreds of dollars. do you guys sell other dogs? now that's simple, easy, awesome. customize each line by paying for data by the gig or get unlimited. and now get $250 back when you buy a new samsung galaxy. click, call, or visit a store today. brian: quick headlines and then back to regularly scheduled programming. ocasio-cortez is hit with a brand new ethics complaint boyfriend depicted right on your screen. calls the democratic socialist said this gave reilly roberts her boyfriend a house email address even though he was not employed by her congressional office. she claims she did it to give him access to her calendar. okay. think about that. and the transgender military ban is one step closer to reality a federal judge lifting the final injunction against president trump's
3:25 am
decision to reject troops who don't identify with their sex at birth. the judge siding with the supreme court which lifted other injunctions it's unclear when the ban will go into effect. now. this. ainsley: captain marvel is hitting the big scene with first female led super hero. >> we can't do this alone. we need you. ♪ >> i'm not what you think i am. steve: all right. here with his review is fox news contributor and movie critic kevin mccarthy joining us from our nation's capital. kevin, this looks pretty great. >> yeah. good morning to you, brian, steve, and ainsley. honored to be with you as always. missed you guys. this film is the 21st film in the marvel cinematic universe. if you haven't seen the first 20 you might want to catch up because she's films
3:26 am
are getting better and better and story lines are more insane and they are all connected somehow. this movie serves as the bridge between avengers in infinity war and avengers end game. learning the power of the character of captain marvel and how she is going to help the avengers in end game which i believe opens up in april. ing the film itself does have some great moments to it. i think the first half is a little bit slow. the second half picks up and the action getting great. larson won the oscar for room. she is amazing actor. the key here to me. the mind blowing part to me was the deaging of samuel l. jackson. if you are looking at some of the footage here they deaged him years back to the 1990s. it takes back in the 90's. steve: how do they do that? >> technology they have now. ainsley: can they do that to me? >> it's actually pretty cool. they put dots on his face and actually go back to his earlier films in the 1990s one of the movies they use
3:27 am
called the negotiator and take references from those faces and make his face using cgi but also on stage performance to make him look years younger. the movie itself though i thought it was a bit underwhelming compared to avengers infinity war. 3 out of 5. i thought bree larson i didn't particularly buy her as captain marvel. you find yourself loving the 90's nostalgia. two ending credit scenes in the end of the film. teaser for the next avengers movie 3 out of 5 for captain marvel a bit underwhelming and the director's style in these marvel films wasn't as apparent as it was in infinity war. brian: you don't have much of an opinion on that. let's move on to something else. triple frontier. let's watch a clip and get your review. >> all right. >> i have never had a feeling as pure or proud as completing a mission with all of you.
3:28 am
>> everything we have done for the past 17 years, trying to make a difference. >> and we never took a dime. you have been shot five times for your country and you can't even afford to send your kids to college. >> i have a job for you. brian: ben affleck back. kevin, what do you think? >> this is a netflix film, brian. basically released on wednesday in select theaters across the country and then will be on netflix streaming this coming wednesday the 13th. about five friends who are prior -- i'm sorry former special forces operatives who carry out of a criminal, essentially a robbery of a drug cartel at the border zone of south america. of the movie is phenomenally executed from an action standpoint gigantic production scale and very intimate story telling and moral dilemma. s and decisions behind the characters. isaac ben affleck. i gave it a 4 out of 5. i definitely recommend seeing it.
3:29 am
steve: two movies triple frontier the one you would go with. >> yes, sir. steve: thank you very much. >> good to be on with you this morning. brian: writer for snl again. steve: who? >> the rider. i don't know her last name. ainsley: not with jennifer garner 234eu78. brian: definitely not. once a guest though. steve: teenager out walking her dog when she heard something strange. >> i heard knocking and scratching on the truck. and then i said hello. he is like hello, can anybody help me? steve: so what happened next? where was that person? stick around. brian: plus pete hegseth is having breakfast with friends in the heart of bernie sanders country. they call it vermont. pete? pete: they do call it vermont. it's maple city diner here in saint al ban, vermont. if you are in the area come out. i already have some friends olga, arn maria. she calls herself a domestic goddess. also a trump supporter.
3:30 am
we are going to talk about bernie. what's it been like to live in this state with bernie sanders in charge in some way, shame, or form for the last 40 years and what do we think about trump saying america will never be a socialist country? we will bring it to you here on "fox & friends." stick around. ♪ ♪ no dollar sign on a always look for the grown in idaho seal. so, you're open all day, that's what 24/7 means, sugar. kind of like how you get 24/7 access to licensed agents with geico. hmm? yeah, you just go online, or give them a call anytime. you don't say.
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>> shock of all shocks those very same ideas are now supported not only by democratic candidates for president, virtually all of those ideas are supported by strong majorities of the american people. [cheers and applause] steve: ladies and gentlemen. ainsley: he is the original. steve: people are trying to outbernie bernie and there he was last night in iowa running for president as declared candidate on the democratic side. he is, according to the polls a frontrunner.
3:34 am
ainsley: bring in pete hegseth is he host of "fox & friends weekend" show maple city diner in st. albans, vermont. hey, pete. pete: we are smack dab in the middle of bernie country. before there was bernie there was the original bernie. we are in his backyard talking to folks. maybe we will get bernie supporters later on but right now pretty much trump supporters. talk it elly first you are a native vermont resident. >> yes. pete: have you lived for decades with bernie sanders and his policy. talk to me about the real bernie sanders. >> well, the real bernie sanders i knew before he was known throughout our country with the help of vermonters who kept quiet about who bernie really is i first knew him as a live-in. -- he lived in a come moon ocomemoon and his power was turned off and writing dirty stories. people don't talk about that. we are nice to bernie and
3:35 am
good to bernie. he hasn't been good for vermont. we need president trump who says jobs. jobs are what you need. vermont has -- i mean, candidates run on that. you know, we need jobs in vermont. and we don't have that like my son-in-law was transferred to austin, texas where there is a job for him on every corner. we don't have those jobs here. pete: why have those jobs gone elsewhere? >> bernie would go into ibm and one of the vps tell me i'm a we tired realtor. one of the vp tells us that guy better not come in here again because we don't have to be here here and they're are gone. pete: chased them away. >> vermont is not business-friendly. bernie bad mouths the hand that feeds us. we need business. do you know what i mean? pete: you can be antibusiness until you need a job. great stuff. ann maria you described yourself as the a domestic goddess you are retired.
3:36 am
how do you feel the president is doing? what are you post passionate about. >> i think is he doing a great job. i love the fact is he all about america and what america is about, our freedom, our rights. i'm really all about the border right now. i think it's so important and he is really got the backbone. he says what he means and means what he says. we really need to keep the illegal immigrants out of our country and, you know, i don't think there is enough emphasis on the fact that they can come here, they can. but they need to come here legally. pete: yeah. well said. olga, your husband is a border patrol agent. you have been in vermont for 14 years. obviously the border is something you are passionate about? >> yes. i come from san diego and my parents live very close to the southern border we used to see the chaos in the 1990s of the people that would pour in and when they
3:37 am
expanded the border fence, it actually showed that it was effective. it did help stop the flow of illegal immigration. immigrants coming into the country and many of them started heading towards arizona and texas. so, it's not that we don't want them here. it's just that there is a way that they can enter legally and i think that the democrats should be promoting legal immigration so that way these people don't have to risk their lives or children's lives and going through these dangers and all they are doing is also, you know, it's not helping stop the flow of the drugs that are coming in that are pouring in and we have drug problem in vermont. so i don't know why we continue to promote this open borders. like it's something that, you know, everybody should be a concern and i'm glad that the president is doing something about it to help out. pete: really, really well said and very informed. thank you very much, olga. i have to stay to both of you we are in the middle of bernie country do you ever feel uncomfortable wearing that make america great
3:38 am
again hat? >> well, i'm going to wear my hat. like they are going to fly their flag. pete: what happened to your flag once? you have been on "fox & friends" before. what happened? >> we had our trump flag out in front of hour house. and we woke up on a sunday morning to find it burnt on our front porch. to that extent of having it burnt and put on our front porch i wasn't sure what the message was. i did call the press. i thought people should be aware that this. pete: and you put up a new flag. >> >> we did put up a new flag and still wear our hats. pete: there you go, a lot of support for president trump. if you are a bernie supporter come on out as well. maple city diner here in new york. ladies, thank you for starting our day off right. ainsley: anything with the word maple doesn't remind you pancakes, waffles. steve: bacon. maple bacon. ainsley: vermont. steve: thank you very much. jillian joins us with the
3:39 am
news. jillian: that's right. good morning. let's talk about what's going on in florida. suspended broward county sheriff scott israel is suing to get his job back. he is accusing florida governor ron desantis of using political power to kick him out of office. israel was suspended over his handling of last year's parkland high school massacre that left 17 people dead. it's up to the florida senate to decide whether or not israel will get his job back. a hearing is expected next month. she thought she was just taking her dog for a walk but a teenage girl winds up saving a kidnapped man stuffed in a trunk. >> i heard knocking and scratching on the truck, the car. and then i just backed up because i was like scared. and then i heard it again. and then i said hello he is like hello, can anybody help me? jillian: the man was tied up in the truck for hours before the teen found him and called 911. he told new jersey police he was carjacked and robbed. his kidnappers are on the run. scary. a teacher is on leave
3:40 am
accused of forcing a catholic student to wash off his ash wednesday forehead cross in front of his classmates. >> i wind it off. she said more until it was like gone. so when i went in the office i was crying. because i felt like i was in trouble. jillian: the teacher has apologized to the boy's family with a note and a box of candy. the school district officials in utah reached out to a catholic deacon who reapplied the ashes. two congressman get into a heated debate on the house floor over nickelback. ♪ not like you ♪ i'm sorry ♪ i was waiting on a different story. jillian: watch as wisconsin democrat and rodney davis bring the band into their argument over prison gerrymandering. >> only four wanted to keep this provision. that's probably about the percent of people who think nickelback is their favorite
3:41 am
band in this country. it's pretty low. >> why would you criticize one of the greatest bands in the 1990s? >> wow. all right. jillian: getting a lot of laughs from that debate. i wouldn't call them one of the greatest bands i like them. they are not the worst. they are good. steve: at our house i like nickelback and all my kids hate nickelback. ainsley: really? steve: hour house is divided. ainsley: how do you not like nickelback. brian: i never hear on the radio make it louder. i just say to myself when is this going to be over. steve: not a fan. jillian: i like their songs. steve: everybody watching us, how do you feel about nickelback? let's takes the debate from the house of representatives yesterday and spla it out right here. jillian: to the american people. steve: all right, jillian. thank you. ainsley: nancy pelosi house speaker right now. after all the democratic infighting this week can you imagine speaker ocasio-cortez instead? brian: she might as well be
3:42 am
the speaker. steve: facebook promising a privacy overhaul. could it make things worse for its users? kurt the cyberguy on that coming up live from new york city is "fox & friends." hey, joel. ♪ another one b by bites the dut ♪ oh steven could only imagine enjoying a spicy taco. now, his world explodes with flavor. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day all-night protection. can you imagine 24-hours without heartburn?
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♪ so even when she outgrows her costume, we'll never outgrow the memory of our adventure together. unlock savings when you add select hotels to your existing trip. only when you book with expedia. jillian: good morning and welcome back. quick health headlines now. 800,000 medical bill. spent 27 day with tetanus. according to the cdc the first case of pediatric tetanus in three decades. measles outbreak is costing children their education in washington state. more than 800 students were told to stay home from school for up to three weeks after being possibly exposed to the contagious disease. this happening in clark county, home to one of the
3:46 am
worst measles outbreaks in the country. brian kilmeade. brian: all right. thanks, jillian. americans are fleeing facebook in droves. an estimated 50 million are ditching the site due to privacy concerns, they say. steve: that's right. facebook now promising a massive overhaul to its privacy settings pivoted towards encrypted messaging. more private. there are down sides. ainsley: that's a big hit to facebook. here to explain is kurt the cyberguy. 15 million they are losing? >> that's a whole other story erosion from that. don't get caught up in that because here is what is happening. there is facebook and what's app. and instagram. all one company. ainsley: oh. >> just users migrating from facebook to one of the other platforms. they didn't go anywhere. he is no dummy. mark zuckerberg with this 3200 word manifesto that's out i am pivoting facebook. it's a whole new world. we are going to do private messaging and encryption
3:47 am
because i just laugh the guy who should tell you that your information is going to be private. steve: right. >> is not him. is he really not done a good job at protecting our privacy. steve: okay. so he already owns what's app. which is a person-to-person private sort of thing. why we want more? >> interesting how in technology we generally get copied from this copy abroad. and in this case he actually copying china. in china is a very popular app. with a billion users called we chat. so, what he is doing is he wants to create of the three platforms he has, he wants to take the messaging application of all three, combine them, and copy what they are doing with we chat. and it may include also doing encrypted -- crypto currency so that you can. steve: that would be very handy it? >> would be hand if you can a trust the currency and if it's real -- if it's traded and actually batted by some
3:48 am
institution. steve: if it's safe it would be great. >> it would be great. i just think for investors where is the money in all of this? don't worry about it. he will find the money. the guy is really good at making money. is he very good at harvesting our private details and using them to fill his own pocket. he will figure out how to make money with it. ainsley: we are working to improve our ability to identify and stop bad actors but we face an inherent tradeoff because we will never find all of the potential harm we do today when our security systems can see the messages themselves. >> you know, is he coming out and saying all right, i just can't get a handle on what's happening on this big platform facebook? there aren't enough moderators? there is not enough technology to capture all of that? or is he just saying i want to make money like the chinese are doing? i think it's the latter. i think he is heading in that direction. steve: if everything is encrypted and more person-to-person that's going to be harder to monitor, isn't it?
3:49 am
>> it's impossible to monitor that. brian: especially if you are a terrorist. cops aren't going to be happy. >> cops aren't going to be happy. nsa other protective government agencies know how to get into this technology anyway. it's not as though -- i don't have those security concerns just yet. but i have concerns about facebook is up to next. is it going to make our lives better or just make him rich? steve: okay. thank you very much. ainsley: have a good weekend. goofed to see you. brian: coming up straight ahead, nancy pelosi defending all of the investigations into president trump. >> this is our constitutional responsibility to have oversight over the executive branch. brian: really? how do voters feel? i have a new poll i'm willing to share. ainsley: plus, one democrat wants to lower the voting age to 16. could that be just to sly way to get more people to vote on the left? our next guest says yes.
3:50 am
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3:53 am
♪ ♪ >> my amendment would have aallow young people to have a stay in our elections. the policies that will set the course for the future from. gun violence to climate change our young people are organizing, mobilizing and calling us to action. ainsley: democrats vying for the youth vote, pushing for 16-year-olds now to be allowed to vote. brian: okay, fantastic. our next guest blasting the move as nothing more on this that a political ploy for
3:54 am
teens to generally swing to the left. steve: there have you have cabot phillips joining us from our nation's capital. why is she suggesting we lower it from 18 where i think it has been since the early 1970s down to 16. >> they're is nothing more than a political ploy masquerading as being about equal rights. the left knows they control much of the education system. it's not just colleges. oftentimes high schools are heavily swayed towards the left as well. they know if this would have passed which thankfully it did not there would have been millions of 16 and 17-year-olds not only influenced by pierce and social pressure to vote for democrats but also many times influenced by the education that they were getting. i understand the sentiment of saying let's get young people involved in politics. that's certainly a noble endeavor and we should encourage that voting is not the right method of doing that there are plenty of other ways that wouldn't be as disastrous this would be a terrible decision to do. this. ainsley: young people usually vote democratically, right?
3:55 am
vote for the democrat? >> it's not just about that though. it's also about the idea of as voters it's all about having a skin in the game. when you are 1u6 and 17, you are not paying taxes and making healthcare decisions you are not taking out loans and making serious financial decisions even the young people in high school that are paying taxes are legally his listed as dependent because they are just that they are dependent. there is nothing wrong with being young and not having responsibilities but it's a whole other issue to give a 16-year-old the power to elect someone that's going to be directly impacting millions of americans and not necessarily impacting them directly. brian: yeah. if you are 18 you can get drafted it only makes sense you should be able to vote. odd you can't drink for another three years. cabot, the other thing is you have been on campuses of late. where are they trending? >> it's absolutely trending towards a more socialist movement. many young people have been convinced that the government is the solution to all their problems. i think, again, that plays a role in them wanting to lower the voting age. some people, i might trust with voting. i'm sure ainsley at 16 was
3:56 am
perfectly ready to vote. i don't know about brian and steve on set there. but, keep in mind, being 16 now is very different than being 16 in the 1980s or 1990s. ainsley: i would have voted for somebody totally different when i was 16. >> remember when the left was saying we need to raise the age to buy a rifle 18, 19, 20-year-olds are not mature enough to make a decision to affect all of society. brian: you can't have it both ways. thanks, cabot. >> appreciate it. steve: the house voting to condemn all hate following the anti-semitic remarks from congresswoman ilhan omar. the republicans calling it a sham. the backlash pouring in from capitol hill coming up. brian: so were democrats calling it a sham enemy cases. ainsley: congressman devin nunes, tammy bruce, geraldo rivera and jeanine pirro all here live ♪ ♪
3:57 am
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♪ trelegy 1-2-3 save at steve: nancy pelosi backed down and inned up introducing a kitchen sink resolution condemning all kinds of hate. >> should have say congressman ilhan omar made a mistake when people talk about jews and money that's the worst slur you can make to a jewish person. >> paul manafort sentenced to 47 months as federal guidelines suggest he could have gotten up to 24 years. brian: all eyes are now on the february jobs report coming out later this morning. >> i think it will show that america has the strongest economy. this is as good a time as i can remember to be an american worker. >> just a few hours president trump will see firsthand the devastation that several tornadoes left behind in alabama. at least 23 people were killed. >> two congressman get in a heated debate over nickelback. >> only four wanted to keep this provision.
4:01 am
probably about the percent of people who think nickelback is their favorite band. >> why would you criticize one of the greatest bands of the 90's? >> wow. ♪ come on over ♪ brian: that is new york city when the sun is basically up according to reports. ainsley: it's friday, everyone. you get to sleep tomorrow no. alarm clock tomorrow. steve: that's right. brian: come on over. your body is most likely going to wake you up naturally. if you wake up naturally without an alarm clock. call us, share your story. ainsley: sometimes that happens do you wake up at 3:15. steve: sometimes i wake up 10 seconds before the alarm clock very efficient. brian: i wake up great pyrenees sees someone in the street bark together even the deaf one. steve: we have a busy two hours left before we call it quits for the week. let's go back to the house
4:02 am
of representatives yesterday when nancy pelosi, who has got a split party on her hand. brian: do you think so? steve: they finally came up with a resolution. remember, we have been telling you ever since ilhan omar the freshman congresswoman said those things that were very anti-semitic. brian: like benjamins, baby. saying have allegiance to another country meaning israel. steve: exactly. then there were calls it was bipartisan. we have got to do something. come up with a resolution and denounce her. but then, you know, a number of democrats said if you sanction her without mentioning the hatred she has faced as a somali refugee, that infuriated a lot of democrats because they say she is a victim. so, ultimately they came up with a watered down version that doesn't specify anti-semitic resolution. instead it just goes against all hate. brian: this is a travesty, a gutless move by a democratic party coming apart at the seems. and you are looking at the leadership there on the
4:03 am
left. it's actually on the right. and they just hugged each other. the freshman are running the caucus. and, believe me, in the beginning was let's condemn anti-semitism. can we agree on that in the answer is no. we have to do that only if we condemn anti-african-americanism. native americanism. if you condemn people. condemn others of color. muslims, hindus, sheiks, in other words, the stuff you learned well steve learned in first grade i learned in second. you just don't be mean to people which means it's a collosal waste of time. they didn't even have the guts to put her name in this when she has had a track record back to 2012. ainsley: how sad is this they have to put this down on paper in anti-hate resolution. shouldn't we all be anti-hate anyway. brian: unbelievable. ainsley: congressman lee zeldin from new york is slamming the resolution. 23 republicans voted no they say this is watered down. defends just about everything instead of an
4:04 am
anti-semitism which was the real reason for this resolution. >> i apparently am giving rep omar more credit than the speaker is because i don't believe she is naive. i believe that she knows exactly what she is doing. if that member was a republican that member's name would be in this resolution and this resolution would be all about condemning anti-semitism and done so forcefully. anti-semitism must be condemned unequivocally and emphatically. steve: that's why a number of democrats thought about voting no but nancy pelosi had them all vote yes. a number of republicans said absolutely not because. ainsley: they are loyal to each other. steve: did it not specify it was anti-semitic. that's why the republicans voted against it. nancy pelosi went out of her way though to make excuses for omar. she said, quote: i feel confident that her words were not based on any anti-semitic attitude. and then jim clyburn the
4:05 am
number three in the house on the democrat side. brian: this is classic. steve: he claimed omar's own experience as a somali refugee means bigotry is more personal to her than the children of holocaust survivors. brian: by the way, find yourself a quiet room and try to wrap your head around what the heck he is talking about. eliot engel who came out originally we have got to condemn this. a democrat said i'm disappointed we weren't able to separate the resolutions that condemn anti-semitism. that's what our colleague said very hateful term. have some guts. nancy pelosi three weeks ago, she is such a great leader. she has everyone's respect. she has nobody's respect. she can't control people with two months' experience. this is a travesty. ainsley: when she came out and condemned her at first everyone thought wow, wonderful of her to do that. i can't believe she did that. normally the democrats are so loyal to one another. then now she is walking it back and saying she really didn't mean. this she doesn't know what she is saying. nancy pelosi is so scared to lose those voters.
4:06 am
those really really progressive voters that aoc and that this lady omar, congresswoman omar bring to the table. she wants all the votes. she wants the democrats together. she wants everyone to be loyal. that's why she was able to condemn her in a way kind of, a watered down condemnation by including so many other forms of dig got tri. brian: she is more powerful today than ever before. she did not get any rebuke. she should be high fiving everybody. here is alexandria ocasio-cortez yesterday. >> i think it's a learning experience and it's part of the fact that when we elect the most diverse democratic caucus that we have in pretty much ever, it means that we're -- we have new communities at the table, new conversations that need to be had. and we have to learn how to have conversations differently every time. >> congresswoman omar was unfairly singled out? >> i think that -- i think
4:07 am
that -- you know, i think that things came down on her a little too hard. steve: things came down on her a little too hard. brian: oh my goodness. steve: aoc sent out a fundraising email saying that she and omar and tlaib were being targeted for questioning the influence of money in the u.s. political system. ainsley: the more you say something and you don't mean it and came out a way you didn't mean it and you made a mistake you would apologize. sometimes people get emotional on television and they say i'm so sorry i never wanted to offend. that hasn't happened in this case. she has made several comments. steve: ainsley, you are coming down a little too hard on her. ainsley: it would be different if she apologized. i'm sorry i'm learning from my mistakes. i didn't know i was offending people but that hasn't been done. brian: let's switch gears and talk about coming down hard. that's what nancy pelosi seems to be doing. nancy pelosi's party seems to be doing on the president of the united states with the ridiculous demand for thousands of the hundreds of
4:08 am
documents, interviews with 80-plus people. that's just with one committee. so, there is also many people, including david axelrod have tweeted out have we really thought about this in the big picture? yesterday it was speculated that maybe condemning the president's kids could have a negative effect? here is speaker pelosi trying to justify this avalanche of investigations on the president. >> what kind of evidence does the house right now have on trump to launch all these investigations on him and couldn't this possibly be overreach. >> no. >> especially. >> this is our constitutional responsibility. >> where is the evidence. >> to have oversight over the executive branch. and the evidence that they will have is what they will gather doing the oversight bringing to the american people. steve: see, that is the new democratic talking point. we are doing all these investigations because for the first two years of the trump administration with the republicans in charge in the house there was no oversight. so we're just simply
4:09 am
catching up. that's their angle. the big question is whether or not the people of the united states look at this as overreach, a congressional overreach or do they think, you know, do this along with mueller oh it's absolutely appropriate. ainsley: are the people smart enough to see through all of this there was a monmouth poll during the cohen hearings. people polled democrats are more interested in undermining trump than getting at the truth. look 46 percent said they think they're interested in undermining the president instead of finding the facts and getting to the truth. brian: other poll to share with you opinions of the investigation 67 percent said opinions regardless. 29% information come out change public opinion. also another poll out there that said more people believe michael cohen that believe the president. what i found fascinating and talk to devin nunes about this turns out according to catherine herridge two sources that adam schiff sat down four separate times for a total of 10 hours to meet with michael cohen. why would you need to do
4:10 am
that if you were just curious about what michael cohen knows or were you actually coaching? isn't it normal procedure to have a person in the other party in those meetings? we will ask devin nunes about that shortly. that is to me outrageous. steve: just that we're finding out about that now. big question is whether the public opinion polls will change after the mueller report is released. there is some speculation it could actually come out today. stay tuned. brian: keep in mind, too. paul manafort verdict if you saw the outrage and disdain that people had because he isn't spending the rest of his life in prison and could be four years. priming the pump. can you imagine if the mueller probe doesn't reveal collusion and conspiracy. can you imagine the outrage on the other side. steve: let's remember paul manafort next week is going to be steps the for another conviction which could land him 10 years. ainsley: hand it over to jillian who has a fox news alert for us. jillian: get you caught up on news.
4:11 am
immigrants killed when a truck overturns in mexico. driver lost control on a highway in the southern most region of the country. the area is a common entry point into mexico for migrants traveling from guatemala to the u.s. 29 people were hurt in that crash. chelsea manning is asking for donations to help her legal definition fees. the former army intelligence officer is facing a contempt hearing after refusing to testify before a grand jury. now it's unclear exactly why she is being subpoenaed. manning was convicted in the 2013 of espionage for sending classified information to wikileaks. prosecutors are pursuing a case against wikileaks founder julian assange. the chicago police department is looking for a leaker. an internal investigation is now underway to determine how the press got certain information on the jussie smollett case. the empire actor is accused of staging a hate crime against himself and filing a false police report. if convicted, he could face three years behind bars. smollett says he's innocent.
4:12 am
well, do you remember when president trump got apple ceo tim cook's name wrong in a meeting this week? >> really put a big investment in our country we appreciate it very much tim apple. jillian: that's not his name. tim cook having fun with that filibuster changing his twitter name tim apple. tweeting laughing emojis. brian: tim-apple. steve: tim apple. got a sense of humor. brian: most important thing he was there. offering his advice to the country and the president bringing manufacturing back. coming up straight ahead. she is supposed to be the leader of the party. some say nancy pelosi caved to the far left wing this week. former obama advisor robert wolf will be here to explain if that is true or not. and,. steve: the defense department just spent 2 million bucks on lobster tails. why?
4:13 am
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4:17 am
♪ >> i do not believe that she understood the full weight of the words. i feel confident that her words were not based on any anti-semitic attitude. >> that is a switch. speaker pelosi defending congresswoman ilhan omar's recent anti-israeli remarks. remarkable as the house condemning racism and anti-semitic comments without naming her and naming every other type of bigotry in our country. after several days of infighting, pelosi goes out to try to regain control of her caucus. how can she do it? founder and ceo of 32 advisors and former economic advisor to president obama robert wolf whose birthday is today. robert, happy birthday. >> thank you. not too many haters today, come on. brian: no, talk about hate. really one person that needs to be condemned it's congresswoman omar just like you saw the backlash with steve king a couple weeks ago or three weeks ago. why did they broaden it out?
4:18 am
why what are they scared of. >> there is a lot of different ways to see this. first, i would ask representative omar and cortez and some others to take a trip to israel and go to the west bank and really get a feel for what it's like there. i think that would be incredit dib whetheincredibly ir their experience. look what happened in charlottesville and look what happened in pittsburgh. we have to put a stake in the ground that this should not exist. there are swastikas happening everywhere. brian: amy klobuchar says they should not stay silent they should condemn congresswoman omar. what happened in a week? where is the guts to stand up to somebody and broaden it out? why include every single type of bigot behavior that we know about since the first grade. >> brian, you are talking to a jew. you know i have deep feelings on this. brian: so does eliot engel. >> i don't have an issue with deep feelings. start with un.
4:19 am
make the glass half full. it's good that we have a bipartisan bill of over 400 votes, including republicans on anti-bigotry. there is race and bigotry happening everywhere. i wish it would have been. brian: no one thinks it's right. >> well, i would hope not. when the neo nazis are yelling jews will not overtake us in charlottesville, obviously some people think it's right. brian: i don't know nobody that thinks that's right. >> when they were chanting with their fire tiki things trust me they must think it's right there. are bad people in this country. brian: listen, robert, why didn't she have the guts to stand up to her own caucus? what's she waiting for? she is supposed to be this great leader? she has the majority by 40-plus votes. you tell them what to do. you are the freshman. these are comments that need to be condemned. >> you know what? as you have said many times when ryan was speaker, okay, he could not control his majority. i think it's just the opposite. pelosi is for the most part
4:20 am
getting this what i would say incredibly diverse caucus to move on a ton of things. i know we would have liked yesterday to be much more depicted to be anti-semitism, i would have raised my hand for that yesterday was not a bad day that we had a bipartisan thing. brian: could have had it any day. >> how come we didn't have it the last two years when speaker ryan was there brian, that's not accurate. brian: goes without saying. this is anti-semitic, multiple anti-semitic incidents. you should put a countdown clock until her next transgression. >> i'm not here to defend omar. when you say that we didn't need anti-semitism issues over the last two years when ryan was speaker, that's not accurate. okay. in pittsburgh, in charlottesville there are things that have been said by the republican party that have been out-of-line. brian: made this what aboutism. these are democrats that spoke up wasn't even republican. >> brian, you are making like anti-semitism is new in this country.
4:21 am
brian: don't broaden it out. deal with it directly. >> i agree with you on that. brian: thanks, robert. appreciate it coming up straight ahead, it is woman's day. tammy bruce here to talk about the gains women have made in this country ♪ ♪ ng a spicy taco. now, his world explodes with flavor. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day all-night protection. can you imagine 24-hours without heartburn? neighbors... loved ones. living with diseases like cancer, epilepsy, mental health conditions and hiv. maybe you're one of them. but new medicare rules could deny access to the latest, most effective therapies... therapies that keep them healthy.
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4:25 am
announcing second pay bump in a year to stay competitive and keep their workers happy at costco. finally $273 million. a lottery winner's ex-wife says his jackpot is not enough to take him back. >> has your wife called. >> she just called me today and told me she is taking me back to court. steve: there you go. the new jersey man apparently has been out of work for 15 years. his excess she still is paying spousal support. and that, ainsley, is some of the news. ainsley: today is international women's day. it is a day to honor social, cultural, political and economical achievements of women everywhere. here to discuss however we have come and what hurdles the future holds. fox news contributor and president of the independent women's voice tammy bruce. >> good morning. great to see you too. ainsley: what does this day mean for us? >> what's terrific about this. even what we are doing here.
4:26 am
not so long ago women weren't considered capable of delivering the news because their voices were not anortative enough. even just the perception of the power of women has shifted within really two generations. looking at economic renaissance. that's key points. freedom for women across the world and freedom for everyone across the world has increased because poverty has gone down by double digits. right? you have got major frame works of women being able to access more education. so the literacy gap has changed as well. girls are more likely around the world because of the availability of food to not die of starvation or malnutrition. poverty while it's down, we have a long way to go but we see these trends. they're linked to freedom, countries that are based in freedom. not based in totalitarianism or even theocratic frame works where women in particular are removed and
4:27 am
marginalized. america leads the way in this regard. right? our economics also effect women here in our own country. the unemployment rate is the lowest it's been extraordinary. >> show the folks at home those numbers. in january of 2011. unemployment for women 7.9%. january of this year, 3.6%. we have a female ceo here at fox news channel. >> we do. ainsley: ivanka trump is traveling around the world to improve women and help them start businesses around the country. why this empowerment for women? >> as you have seen with the unemployment rate, women have more income. women as a result can make choices better suited for their own lives. they can be in relationships because they want to be. not because they have to be. they can live in an area. ainsley: make their own money. >> make their own money. choose a school district. send their kids to maybe a private school if they want to. keep their kids away from drugs. because you might be able to live not necessarily in the
4:28 am
inner city but in the suburban areas. this effects women who are also single parents as a result are going to be able to make choices that better suit their lives. ainsley: probably the best time to be a woman as far as how far we can go in the workforce. when you looked at the president speaking for the state of the union address. i saw all the democratic women wearing white and sitting together it made the democratic party look like the party for women. what do you think about their policies? how do they help women. >> they are good add the visuals and theater. whereas, in fact, when it comes right down to legislation and policy, it's obviously not very good. ainsley: what changed you? you have been fighting for women's rights for 30 years. >> seeing the fraud and hypocrisy that it was just all theater. it was really the clinton situation, right? and monica lewenski and how they were giving him a pass. it's interesting how the similarity of what we're dealing with now about the fraud of people who say that they are for women but then again their policies, that's hillary clinton and her best friend harvey weinstein.
4:29 am
we thought well, creatives and liberals will be the best for women and now that curtain is drawn back about what people were willing to do and what they were willing to put up with. my relation tha realization givn financial independence. expecting personal responsibility. wanting personal freedom that's what allows us to expand the quality of our lives. also as a warning as we see now interestingly with women in the house, that the issue of bigotry and intolerance can move through not just men but also women. we must be very careful because as a country like venezuela it's incredibly successful. there is a tendency then for arguments for economic positions that destroy that kind of value for -- well, everyone, but certainly minorities and women. >> that's what a lot of these democratic women want. >> that's what's going on with the arguments for socialism that's a problem and bigotry also. we have got to keep an eye on that.
4:30 am
ainsley: happy women's day. celebrate you. r kelly's explosive interview is making headlines everywhere. >> you y'all killing me with this. you recall [inaudible] [bleep] >> robert? >> now some in the media are comparing it to the judge kavanaugh hearings. really? and pete hegseth having breakfast with our friends in vermont. hey, pete. pete: better believe it bernie is in the race. what do vermont voters think of bernie and president trump today? and also you don't go to vermont without getting some maple syrup. courtesy of marianne duby that's just over the hill. that's an exact designation in vermont. we will talk to these folks on the other side. ♪ ♪ cover almost anything. even rooftop parking.
4:31 am
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♪ got money on my mind
4:34 am
♪ i can't get enough steve: why was that goat smiling? it's your shot of the morning that goat just won an election for mayor. lincoln will hold office in the small vermont town of fair haven, apparently, according to news reports. brian: he beat out 15 pets for the job including dogs, cats and a gerbil named crystal. ainsley: him name is lincoln it should be billy. is he a goat. starts his one year term on tuesday. no human mayor in that town. animals love you no matter what. no politics involved. steve: holy cow. that's in vermont. guess who we sent to vermont. steve: that's pete hegseth. there he is traveling right now live in maple city at the diner in st. albans, vermont, where he is talking to the vehicle about bernie sanders. ainsley: they have. anna: mall as their mayor, too? pete: i just asked these folks here if they have heard of this goat that's a mayor in vermont and they all kind of laughed and they
4:35 am
said probably could do better than a lot of the mayors in vermont? is that fair? so anything can happen in vermont. we are at the maple city diner talking about politics with the people and we say breakfast is better with friends it really is this morning. great folks. marianne doobie i teased earlier. very cool maple farm. i get to take this home, right? >> you do. pete: you are from a military family you have sons that serve two in the military, won in law enforcement. >> yep. pete: why is service so important to you and what do you think about entrepreneurship's stance on all of that. >> really appreciate his stance on the military and on law enforcement. he is a pro-law enforcement on all levels, the border and everything. just the way he cares about people truly comes out in his policy that effects our military.
4:36 am
pete: we appreciate it you are pretty excited about those two justices in the supreme court as well. >> yes. pete: thank you, marianne. linda, you are a retired nurse, retired state legislator and have a local show called sound off. >> yes, i do. pete: sound off for us. have you been in this state many decades, bernie sanders has been representing it how has bernie deny for this state? >> oh, boy, that's a toughy. no it isn't, actually. we don't want to turn into a socialist nation. socialism is not about freedom for the people. we need to get back to the founding principles of this country and i'm really concerned about the young people not learning about our founding. they are the future of this nation. if we don't ensure that they understand why they have freedom and responsibility and rights, then we're going to be in deep trouble. pete: you are saying a lot of those young folks that love bernie don't know what they're asking for when it
4:37 am
comes to socialism? >> exactly. socialism is not about freedom. socialism is about government controlling of your life. and we don't want that for our young people nor for our country. pete: well said, linda, thank you very much. carrie you are in construction. transplant you be passionate about borders. >> yeah. like to see them secure and come in the legal way. pete: all about following the process? >> right. pete: absolutely. how shut construction business these days? >> it's good. >> it's good. pete: absolutely. last thing is how do you feel -- when i asked you earlier about bernie sanders, what was your reaction? >reaction? [ laughter ] that was the reaction right there. i'm guessing is he not your guy? >> right. pete: i got it brian, you are a sales manager. you told me as we were chatting that you like bernie. have you met him personally. but it's policies that you don't agree with? >> absolutely. i think that there is no argument that bernie is
4:38 am
quite the little guy. what he stood for 30, 40 years ago he stands for today. his business policies and economic policies are no good for vermont. it's proven itself to be true over the past decade. pete: here in vermont. >> here in vermont. he helped your wife personally go through the green card process. >> absolutely. pete: as a senator, which is a good thing. also exposed how dysfunction dysfunctional that process. >> took my wife two and a half years going through it the proper way. see the people crossing the border illegally it puts a very, very bad taste in our mouth. pete: because you went. >> we went through out legal process. and he was very helpful. don't get me wrong. his office was very helpful. you know, i'm very appreciative of that we are very appreciative of that. that's it. i mean, you know, i certainly don't subscribe to -- pete: i'm going to ask all fofour of you.
4:39 am
will bernie sanders be the nominee if not who will be the nominee for the democrats in 2020. >> not bernie, hard to say. pete: we have hard to g to say. >> biden if he runs. pete: biden if he runs. >> i agree biden if he runs. >> biden if he runs. pete: too moderate for the liberal though? >> might be the democratic party has gone so far left that it may not work. pete: we are in bernie country but no votes for bernie from this table. great votes. thank you very much for having breakfast with friends. we have another group of great folks back here we are going to talk to next hour no goats here in the diner. [goat] steve: no town leadership. pete, thank you very much. [. pete: thank you. steve: is he going to be there all morning long. if you are in that neck of the woods, drop by. he is looking for bartender
4:40 am
supporters. brian: there should be a lot. he has been there forever. maybe most of them are brooklyn. they seemed to all have shown up in his hometown. jillian you are here all morning long. jillian: that is true until 9:00 a.m. and then it is the booked. [cheers] jillian: get you caught up on the news until we get to the weekend. we have serious stuff to get you caught up with 11-year-old boy accused of shooting his trooper dad for taking video games away. the boy stole his father's service weapon and waited for his parents to go to sleep and shot matt in his back side. the child telling investigators he wanted to shoot him in the head but he missed. he is still recovering from the shooting. his son is facing attempted murder charges. the irs needs more money to help you file taxes. that's according to an agency watchdog now urging congress to improve customer service for taxpayers. >> it is stretched so thin that things could go very badly wrong or just simply that taxpayers will give up
4:41 am
trying to reach the irs and not get the assistance that they need. jillian: the irs has only answered 18% of calls from taxpayers this year. that's according to the watchdog. the agency says it's working on improvement federal officials race to spend what's left of their annual budgets and what they bought might raise some eyebrows. what about this? the defense department shelled out more than $2 million on lobster tails in september. that's according to a study watchdog group open the books. the group spent 10,000 bucks on a leather chair. that's singular. and almost $164,000 on paint brushes. okay. well, thank god for nine lives. this cat is looking for a new home after getting stuck in a cinder block wall. first responders called in to free wally from the wall in los angeles. it's unclear how he got there but he is okay now. wally is in foster care waiting for a new family.
4:42 am
so,. steve: stuck in a wall. that's a new one. ainsley: get as machine the following year. steve: no kidding. ainsley: painting. steve: meanwhile the american isis bride still fighting the trump administration to let her come home joey jones lost both legs fighting for our country. hey as message for her live coming up. brian: plus, how could someone in the media compare r. kelly's outburst to brett kavanaugh's testimony? joe concha is taking on that question. he will answer it. feel the clarity... of non-drowsy claritin... and relief from symptoms caused by over... 200 outdoor and indoor allergens. like those from pollen, pets and dust. because new memories start with dusting off old ones. feel the clarity and live claritin clear. our big idaho potato truck and we're going to find it.
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raquen... rakutahn... rakooten... ♪ rakuten oh! is this my money? whoaaah! haha! rakuten ♪ ahhh! rakuten! ♪ >> y'all killing me with this. [bleep] [screaming] >> robert? >> y'all trying to kill me!
4:46 am
you are killing me, man! steve: embattled r and b singer lashing out on explosive interview since being charged with abuse. now the writer for the atlantic sees a parallel between that outburst and brett kavanaugh's capitol hill testimony writing, quote: the substance of what the two men have been accused of differs vastly but their responses and the cultural scripts they draw upon rhyme. brett kavanaugh southed about kristin blasey ford's allegations being unfair given the life he has lived. while kelly argued that his previous acquittal meant that the present allegations were also unfair. joining us for reaction to the parallel joe concha media reporter for the hill and radio talk show host on wor here in new york. joe, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: what do you think about the comparison, the parallels between these two televised denials? >> i wish i had a bible next
4:47 am
to me because i would swear on it that what when i read that piece i thought somehow it was a farcical piece like from some sort of comedy site, there is no way, steve, that you could write that sentence the substance of what the two men had been accused of differs vastly. yeah, you think? you can go back to 1994 and find that r. kelly married his 15-year-old protege. there is marriage certificates and stuff and then in 1996, he started a relationship with a 15-year-old. 2,000 "chicago sun times" published a report on kelly having sexual relationships on girls as young as 15. and then you could go through the years, 19 years since, dozens of accusations, he has now been charged with 10 counts of having inappropriate relations and other with underaged girls. in other words these are real things. with brett kavanaugh he was accused of things by three different women that nobody could corroborate. and to say by the way back in that same paragraph that you just read that brett
4:48 am
kavanaugh shouted about kristin blasey ford that kelly argued. go back and playing that tape again does it look like he is arguing or having a breakdown on national television? this is a joke, steve, i don't know how else to put it. steve: we have video from september 27th, 2018. it is of brett kavanaugh. look at the intensity level. >> this confirmation process has become a national disgrace. this whole two-week effort has been a calculated and orchestrated political hit. my family and my name have been totally and permanently destroyed by vicious and false additional accusations. steve: all right, joe? >> okay. let's see r. kelly stood up and started crying and walking in circles and gayle king, give her credit the fact that she was able to stay so composed. that was something else. i don't think i would have done the same thing. brett kavanaugh doesn't stand up and start screaming
4:49 am
at kamala harris or cory booker or any of the democrats during those confirmation hearings. so, to compare the two here, i mean, i know that people also compared jussie smollett to brett kavanaugh. that's remarkable to me. it's the same thing. compare everything to brett kavanaugh because kavanaugh just offered up a passionate but composed defense of being accused of things where there is no evidence while with r. kelly there is a mountain of evidence and there is no comparison, steve. steve: what then explains the comparison? why do they make the comparison? >> well, we are in a business, unfortunately, that awards cliques in these situations. awards ratings if you put it on television. in this case no accountability again. if i were the editor i would never let this piece see the light of day. if it got by me somehow i would tell whoever wrote this why don't you take a little one or two week vacation and take some time off and think about what you are writing right now. steve: joe concha with his point of view media reporter
4:50 am
for the hill and radio host for wor radio. thank you very much. >> all right, steve. thanthank you. steve: still ahead on this friday geraldo rivera is ahead top of the hour. and american isis bride still fighting the trump administration to let her come home. joey jones lost both legs fighting for our country and he has a message for her coming up live. ♪ ♪ ree night when you stay just twice this spring. allergies. or.. badda book. badda boom. book now at
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4:53 am
♪ brian: the isis bride from alabama continues to fight the trump administration to come home. ainsley: joey jones lost both of his legs serving our great country overseas to protect america from people like her. and this morning he has a
4:54 am
big warning. steve: that's right. retired u.s. marine corps bomb tech joey jones joins us right now via skype. jojoey, she says she made a really big mistake. she is sorry and we should let her back. what do you say? >> yeah. i don't buy it listen, we send our men and women every day somewhere and possibly die so we can stay safe and secure here we have an opportunity to keep one of those millimeter people coming on to our shores. we should do everything to keep that from happening and that's what this administration is doing. ainsley: joey, what do you know about her and her past with isis? >> the question here really isn't whether or not she is a citizen. she was issued a passport. the question is whether or not she is a citizen by error. did her father properly report and follow the protocol when he was on diplomatic orders? you know, back in 2011, president obama u.s. citizen overseas with a drone strike and the debate then had that
4:55 am
person revoked their citizenship by claiming -- by basically verbally and publicly stating they were no longer a citizen and fights against us. that's exactly what she has done. so, the first question is whether or not legal path to prove she was never a citizen that would allow us to keep her away. the second pass would be has she done things to revoke that citizenship legally or hold up in a court of law. i appreciate we have an administration that is following these paths and looking for the full proof approach to keep her away from this amazing country. brian: i worry about the precedent. you can go ahead and take that risk and join this errant terrorist group if it falls apart like this one, no problem, i will just come back and, you know, go to the gym. >> yeah. no. if she comes back here she is going to do a lot of things other than go to the gym. we can't take that risk and we shouldn't take that risk. we deal with enough things from homegrown terrorists and lone wolf to internet influence on people that are vulnerable. we deal with enough of it as it is. you know, we always want to
4:56 am
point fingers at guns when mass tragedies happen and rarely take the time to find out how that person was influenced and how that person became a killer. here is someone that we know is influenced, we know could be a killer. and we have to k if we can we have to do it legally and respect the laws of our land. it looks like this administration is doing that i'm just happy that their perspective is to look for the legal path to keep her out of our country. steve: thank you for joining us from your house this morning on this friday. ainsley: thank you for your service. the february jobs report is coming out in half an hour we will bring you those numbers. brian: somebody who has a job geraldo rivera he works for us: judge jeanine's show seen over the weekends. devin nunes in washington but today he is in new york. he will be joining us. great show. don't miss it. there will be a quiz at the end. ♪ keep on turning ♪
4:57 am
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♪ steve: nancy pelosi backed down wound up introducing a kitchen sink resolution condemning all kinds of hate. >> focus own anti-semitism, should have said congresswoman omar made a mistake. >> things came down on her a little too hard. >> former trump campaign chairman paul manafort sentenced to 47 months. federal guidelines suggest he could have gotten up to 24 years. connell: all eyes on the february jobs report coming out later this morning. >> i think it will show america has the strongest economy among all the industrial democracies. >> women have more income. women as a result make choices suited for their own lives. >> two congressman get into heated debate over nickelback. >> only four wanted to keep the provision. probably same percentage that
5:01 am
think nickelback is one of the greatest bands. >> why would you criticize one of the greatest bands of the '90s? ♪ steve: there you have debate from the floor of the house of representatives there. you had a democrat from wisconsin, not a nickelback fan. he squared off against rodney davis of illinois who absolutely loves nickelback. we turned out there are a lot of houses divided some people like nickelback. other people don't like nickelback. connell: no one is usually on the fence. congratulations america and canada making a stand. for most part they were born in canada. made their name in america, right? ainsley: rock band from the '90s. from canada. a lot of people love them here. steve: i love nickelback. my kids don't like nickelback. i have a house divided. they say the music is too bad. ainsley: i feel sorry for them
5:02 am
because they are being slammed or excited for them because people are talking about them again. people are listening more to their music on line. they sing, far away, they sing rock star. steve: are you a fan of nickelback, on the facebook page. someone who loves nickelback is geraldo rivera. he is is fox news correspondent at large. where are you on the nickelback scale? >> i need more change. i think about it '90s, i was into the talk show phase. i was already over nickelback. i have nothing really against them specifically, i have to admit i have not pondered the significance of nickelback. i have, you know, lamented the fact that i can't sing, i believe i can fly by r. kelly anymore. that is as far as my musical editorial goes. connell: 2017, they were one of the top 11 best-selling bands forever in history. i didn't make that up.
5:03 am
>> i'm from puerto rico. i know they can't dance. connell: we're all over the place. steve: not only were they talking about nickelback on the floor of the house, but they took a vote originally was going to be a anti-semitism resolution. because there was so much outrage from certain members of the democratic party where they felt like they could not criticize congresswoman omar right there, it became a kitchen sink resolution, where it condemned all forms of bigotry and hatred. why do you think nancy pelosi caved on this, geraldo? >> well, first of all, steve, i believe the resolution the democrats, the new congress ultimately issued reminded me after beauty pageant contestant going up there doing the interview and she sighs i want world peace. condemned everything evil and celebrated everything positive. connell: it meant nothing? >> it meant absolutely nothing.
5:04 am
this is what it really means. i think this is the significance what we're seeing now. for the first time in our history we have two muslim women, in congress of the united states, one a somali-american, the other a palestinian-american. we cannot reasonably expect these folks, others from other various backgrounds will toe the same old line heretofore been the experience. diverse tisch the idea of diversity to bring ideas from every place, different voices, different points of view, different personal experiences. that is what nancy pelosi, you know, she is my age, a dinosaur, this is what she is now encountering and other old leadership, the crusty old leadership of the democrat party, it is a whole new democrat party. she has a tiger by the tail. ainsley: pelosi said she didn't understand the full weight of her words. one of her closest friends another freshman congresswoman,
5:05 am
aoc, said people are coming down a little too hard on her. listen to this we'll get your reaction. >> i think it is a learning experience. >> congresswoman omar is unfairly singled? >> i think that i think that, i think that things came down on her a little too hard. connell: really? over and over again. this isn't one incident. geraldo, i'm all for different points of view, i think we pretty much have the same view, you shouldn't be antisemitic. there is not open up your eyes understand all views when it comes to her. she is clearly not pro-israel. i should not be expected to pledge allegiance or support to a foreign country to serve my country in congress on a committee. is nancy pelosi taking good leadership, taking that view to put it on the foreign relations committee? >> well that decision, what head letter to put congresswoman omar
5:06 am
on the foreign relations committee i think that is a probe i have not yet undertaken but i will say, and i will state again, you cannot reasonably expect her or talib to have the same point of view as jerry nadler or chuck schumer. these are very, very different geopolitical experiences. i've covered the middle east since 1972. i am jewish. i have seen the inequality there. i've seen the disquiet there. i have seen how fiercely the jewish-american population protects israel from all critics. it is, it is a new age. the united states is reaching out to these sunni governments trying to get them engaged on israel's side. i think israel will be fine but israel and apec, american israel political action committee cannot reasonably expect one
5:07 am
voice, one point of view any longer. they cannot condemn all criticism of israel is anti-semitic. it is a charge like racism. it is too easy to inflict and very difficult to rebut. everybody just better grew their jets. ainsley: if she grew up amongst a group that feels a certain is way based on their past and their culture and their family experiences but when you go to washington you say these things, you finally learn from the mistakes, oh, maybe you can't say that, maybe you need to change your mind how you think about certain groups and that is brought to light, then you say i'm sorry and you say i'm learning from these mistake but that hasn't been done. she has said self things that have been considered anti-semitic several times. >> you know, ainsley, you of all people, i think you have the most sincere heart in the whole news media business. i think that you are the essence of purity when is it comes to
5:08 am
being judgmental. brian, steve, and i are much worse than you. ainsley: i'm just trying to see from all sides. i love everybody, because i look as everyone as god's children. >> and that's, that's, i want you to be president of the world. i think that is a wonderful. ainsley: i don't want that. >> but reality is, you have real bitterness. you have people who have, you know, they're partisans of groups they represent or from what which they hail. why do i defend alexandria ocasio-cortez? a lot of is ethnic and geographic pride. i like the fact she comes from the congressional district where my grandchildren live, where i went to college, she made a success is of herself, such a nice role model. i take pride in that. on other hand, i'm a jewrican. i'm on the jewish side. i was born during world war two.
5:09 am
if i was born in europe during world war ii, i would have a one-way ticket to the ovens. but the holocaust cannot be used as arbiter of all secular political debates. these people have a right, they have a point of view that deserves to be represented. steve: this whole thing has been a big distraction for the democrats. in fact later today they want to vote on house resolution hr-1, a sweeping reform package, that was going to be the highlight, geraldo. instead we were distracted, look what we're talking about now. connell: talking about the benjamin baby. >> the benjamins, franklins. i think they have, leadership of the democratic party, because it is a generation -- top i cannily so different from the new members, right, brian, they are so ineffective now. what i see in all this is
5:10 am
donald trump's re-election. this guy is steadfast in his ways, like him or hate him, love him who are hate him, he will be plowing along. i think his base is going to continue to grow as recent surveys indicate it is. democrats have to get their act together. many of them are well-intentioned. many are people of conscious but a lot are people of habit who automatically, like reaction to the manafort sentence. the reaction to the manafort sentence was strictly political. connell: absolutely. >> if you hate donald trump you thought it was great. you want him put six stories down in colorado in national security prison. manafort would not have gotten into trouble if not working for donald trump. manafort was twisted and destroyed in an attempt to get a
5:11 am
witness against trump. i think the sentence was totally reasonable, given the circumstances. connell: we'll talk more about it on radio. i promise. thanks so much. >> thanks, brian. ainsley: have a great weekend. steve: it is 8:11 now here in new york city. jillian has some disturbing news. jillian: we have a fox news alert. 25 central american migrants are killed when a truck overturns in mexico. police say the driver lost control on a highway in the southern most region of the country. the region is a common entry point into mexico from migrants traveling from guatemala into the u.s. 29 people were hurt in the crash. also breaking right now, a man charged with murdering a hill know sheriff's deputy could face the death deputy. floyd brown shot and killed henry count deputy after jumping from a third story hotel eluding a arrest warrant. he was killed after high-speed chase. deputy kellner spent 13 years on
5:12 am
the force. leaving a wife and two sons. the tunnel for towers organization is raising money to pay off the family's mortgage. go on the link to donate. president trump's former personal lawyer claims that the company breached an agreement by stopping payments to his attorney during the russia probe. cohen claims he is owed nearly $4 million. he goes to prison in may for lying to congress. and well-wishes are pouring in for hall of fame pitcher tom seaver. the 74-year-old mets legend has dementia and will retire from public life. nicknamed tom terrific, seaver led the mets to the 1969 world series title. he won 311 games and three cy young awards in his career. former mets catcher mike piazza, tweeting he will be the heart and soul of the mets. that all mets aspire to. this breaks my heart. connell: last game at shea stadium as they
5:13 am
transitioned. he will play out his days at the winery. almost like reagan did. steve: jillian. thank you very much. >> president trump set to visit alabama and visit the devastation from the deadly tornadoes hours from now. we're live with a preview. steve: you don't have a facebook account? that doesn't matter, they can still track a certain kind of phonyaway. we'll tell you the phone coming up. connell: first, here is nickelback. play us out. >> about time. ♪ did you ever notice that the very first bite of every great meal is always the potato? that's why it should always be an idaho potato. only genuine idaho potatoes have the perfect taste and texture to get your meal started right.
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ainsley: we are back with a fox news alert. in just about one hour president trump will head down to alabama to tour the damage left behind by the deadly tornadoes. connell: 23 people killed in a mile-wide twister. it happened on sunday. steve: that's right. russell jones is from our fox affiliate in alabama. he is live from the disaster zone with details on the presidential visit today. russell, good morning. reporter: hey, good morning, guys. thanks for joining us. there is a lot of activity going on here. we're in lee county. if you're familiar with this area county road 51 and highway 11. this is spot where there was a lot of damage over my shoulder
5:18 am
back here. this is where president trump is expected to come later today around noon. they did say the first lady is also going to be here with him. let me show you something. there is dep i toss here now. they have the area blocked off. they are not letting anybody come back here right now because the secret service is now here, touring the area making sure everything is safe. now the president is supposed to be nying into auburn university. there is regional airport there in about an hour or so he will make his way over to the first lady. they will spend several hours in lee county, looking over all the devastation. i can tell you just from being down here all week we heard many stories of all the horrible things that have gone on down here. we heard a lot of stories how people overcame all the damage and scary things happened on sunday. but president trump said he is on which is way down here. he wants to talk to the people. he wants to see the damage. you may remember earlier this week he tweeted he told fema to
5:19 am
give the state of alabama a-plus treatment. he is supposed to be here soon. we are supposed to keep everybody on that. reporting from alabama. steve: thank you, russell for a preview of the presidential visit. ainsley: can popcorn cause pneumonia? a urgent new warning. connell: paul manafort getting less than four years in prison. critics say the judge was too lenient. judge pirro knows all about leniency. she will join us. there she is. ♪ they're our parents...
5:20 am
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♪ connell: 22 minutes after the hour. former campaign manager for donald trump for a brief period of time paul manafort sentenced to 47 months in prison on fraud charges. some are outraged by that. ainsley: the sentence is a shock for some since federal guidelines suggested he faced up to 24 years in prison but the judge called that excessive. steve: judge ellis reiterating he is not before the court for having anything to do with colluding the russian government to influence the election. here with reaction is judge jeanine pirro, host of justice, and author of liars, leakers and liberals. when you saw paul manafort to the a little less than four years rather than the 20 years, what did you think? >> i wasn't surprised because if you recall it was t.s. eliot, ellis, i'm sorry. ainsley: the author. >> author. it was t.s. ellis who said before the actual conviction, all you're doing to mueller, you're trying to get this guy,
5:24 am
you're squeezing him to get him to go after trump so you can get something to impeach the president with. right. >> this is clear to me a judge who was savvy what was going on. this guy is not convicted of any crimes. he pretty much led a blameless life. we sentenced him far below the guidelines to 47 months and for time served, nine months already. he will serve just a little over three years. make no mistake, in the end next week he will be sentenced by judge amy berman for counts of conspiracy. he could get five years on each of those counts of conspiracy. she can decide to impose that sentence consecutively instead of concurrently with the sentence that he got from justice ellis. connell: so do you think it is in a way, this backs up people who say there was no collusion conspiracy because they always point to paul manafort and his eastern european connections and
5:25 am
the oligarch and polls that are sharing, no, that is not the problem here. the problem is with tax fraud. the problem failing to file reports on foreign bank accounts and the problem is income tax returns? >> there is no question. that is why the judge made it very clear yesterday. look, this has nothing to do with russian collusion. the judge was very clear about that. that caused him to be somewhat sympathetic for manafort. knowing he was a guy getting squeezed big time, came to court in a wheelchair. it was serious -- i don't listen to this. this is bloomberg's tom o'brien comparing, tim o'brien, sorry, comparing, we can't get the names right. comparing paul manafort to hannibal lecter, fictional murder. >> sort of like what they wheeled hannibal lecter in on the gurney in silence of the lambs. i have very little sympathy for paul manafort at this point.
5:26 am
i think among everyone in this drama he has been, probably apart from the president. one of the people who seems to have this stone cold lack of conscience. steve: hannibal lecter was a cannibal. >> he killed eight people. this was a guy who committed tax fraud. the left is so incensed with the fact that he didn't get more time. that they're not getting donald trump. that is why they're doing these new hearings now. they can't find anything and they are determined to obstruct. the tim o'brien would say that is really shocking. he should be embarrassed. that is just dumb. steve: talk a little bit about r. kelly -- >> speak of dumb? steve: we know how you feel about that. r. kelly sat down with gayle king. it was emotional interview. we played over last couple days some of that. this morning cbs airing some of his girlfriends speaking out. listen to this, judge. >> when i was 17, my parents were actually making me, trying
5:27 am
me to get me to take photos with him. take sexual videos with him. both of our parents are trying to get money to scam. i'm crying, because you guys don't know the truth. you believe [bleep] is what he is saying this is [bleep] lies for money. steve: what do you think? >> i think these two young women are very connected to r. kelly. they believe in him. they said they love him. and that they didn't have relations with him when they were, you know, in that age group when he could be prosecuted. and they believe in him. very angry with their parents. steve: evidently he was coughing behind the scenes. sneakses in on interview, tries to end the interview. look, if i'm the prosecutor i can't wait to get r. kelly on the stand. this guy will flip out on two questions. i mean he is is not in control of himself.
5:28 am
he is screaming everyone is trying to kill him. he is now in jail for not paying child support of $161,000. and he just said in the news yesterday, i only have 350,000 in the bank. if i'm family court judge, i'm saying dump that money now, so you can get out of jail. he will be in jail for a long time. the docuseries they did on him, a lot of victims. there seems to be sufficient evidence. whether or not he had sex with the two young women when they were under age is not really the issue right now. he is a control freak. his ex-wife says he not only beat her, he hog-tied her. i know about domestic violence. hog-tieing is something you do when you are totally humiliating and demoralizing your wife. it is bad stuff. this guy is going away for a long time. steve: judge, we'll be watching your show this weekend. >> good, i'm glad. connell: you know what? i have to see how much you pay. >> i don't pay anything. connell: who do you have on?
5:29 am
>> do i know? we have kevin mccarthy on. we have jim jordan on. got a great panel. me doing my open. i will be outraged about something. connell: you are always outraged. >> we'll be watching along with your mama. connell: you seem really nice. steve: meanwhile a fox news alert, one minute from now the february jobs report will come out. we'll bring you the numbers live on the other side of a brief timeout. connell: pete hegseth having breakfast with friends in vermont. pete, talk. pete: i will talk. i made friends with a couple bernie supporters. patty married 38 years. you run a heating and plumbing business. patty is retired registered nurse, i'm sorry, not retired. we'll talk about bernie and other folks. you're in the backyard of bernie sanders. i haven't had the maple syrup but i will have it when the segment is over. stick around.
5:30 am
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ainsley: we are back with a fox news alert. the february jobs report just released. connell: wow, this is terrible. just 20,000 jobs were added last month. that is less than what economists predicted by about 160,000. steve: they had expected 180,000 jobs last month. while here is a bit of good news. the unemployment rate ticked down to 3.8%. nonetheless, so you got the unemployment at 3.8%. it is down but, only added 20,000 new jobs which is being described by some as a huge miss. connell: how could you describe it any differently? makes you wonder if they should have a recount. pete hegseth, co-host of "fox and friends weekend," which according to pete is on for eight hours saturday and sunday combined. you're at the maple city diner
5:34 am
in st. albens, vermont. pete: just 30 miles north. some kind of miss i wish they would miss on the bill in restaurants. we're here in bernie country. we've been asking for bernie supporters come out. we had a, two of them come out to talk to us. chandler, you run a heating and plumbing business, which means you're never without work. >> always. pete: four degrees. you wrote in bernie sanders last cycle. why do you support him so much? >> i believe bernie is for the smaller people, not sizewise politicallywise, economicallywise. he is not part of the rich republican or democratic party. bernie seems to listen to us. hears what he says, hears what we say and acts on that. he grew up poor. you know, i did not grow up rich. i believe he is going to bail us out of the political parties here. we have crazies and the
5:35 am
anti-crazies. so bierne if i will show some balance i hope. pete: what about critics say he runs as democratic socialist. they look at socialism, president trump recently said america will never be a socialist country. are you worried about what socialism could do to the growth of our economy? >> first of all i don't vote the party, okay? i may be a registered, whatever, but i will vote the person. so if bernie is democratic socialist, you know, party leader, it is going to take an act of god literally to get our country into socialism. i am not worried whatsoever about that. pete: you're not worried about socialism? you like bernie? >> i like bernie. i like what he stands for. pete: let me ask you, patty, that word socialism scares a lot of people. they get worried. they see what haps in venezuela, see what happens in other countries, the guy says he is for the little guy, things get
5:36 am
worse for everybody and little guy. are you worried about bernie as a socialist? >> i'm not worried about it at all. i think bernie will bring balance to this country. i think other people that will work with bernie will balance him out. i think bernie has a lot of great ideas. i think he listens to people. that is the biggest thing that has been a problem. nobody is listening. pete: results are important. a lot of folks i talked to this morning. they said they leave businesses lever month as tax burden go up. it is not a business-friendly climate. is that worrisome. bernie has been in charge or leader for three or four decades? >> no. i think he is the proof in the pudding. i think he has done a great job. he has been in the senate, i think he is just been, i don't have anything bad to say about him. i'm not worried about taxes. i think again, i think he going to bring balance to the political system of our times. pete: thank you both for talking
5:37 am
to us. they're smart. they're true vermont terse. next to the stove. very warm here. good spot. i appreciate it. i want to talk to brian, truck driver, good to see you. thanks for saying hello. former democrat. you do not support bernie. what are your concerns about bernie sanders? >> bernie sanders has been in vermont couple years, couple decades. hasn't done anything up here. talks about 15-dollar an hour minimum wage. he hasn't done anything for the minimum wage in vermont. farce the economy up here, i mean right now vermont offers people $10,000 to move to vermont. so that is -- pete: people are running to texas because the taxes are so low but they have to pay people to come to vermont? >> they're fleeing vermont. most senior citizens flee vermont move to florida honestly is the biggest state they're moving to. the reason is you can't afford to live here. the cost of property taxes is
5:38 am
through the roof. the state income tax is through the roof. and their ocean programs do nothing -- social programs do nothing for the common people. price of medical care up here is ridiculous. every ready battery company, not a half a mile up the road. two months ago they closed up and left. pete: you're a smart dude. thank you very much for the insight. we appreciate it. go to amanda. you're a millenial. you don't like the title. you're in medical billing, a lot of millenials love bernie open to socialism. what do you say to that? >> no to socialism. it terrifies me actually. pete: you support the p president. why? >> everything he has done so far. exactly what he is going to do is exactly what he has done. i voted for obama the first time. the second time i didn't vote for anybody. trump came along i made sure to go to the voting box that day. pete: talked to four people.
5:39 am
all of them democrats at some point. two no longer. getting pulse of people in bernie country. back to you guys in new york. steve: great reporting this morning from maple city diner. look at the new jobs numbers. it came out nine minutes ago with a fox news alert. they were expecting to add 180,000 new jobs. instead the economy added 20,000. connell: worst since september 2017 in terms of jobs added. steve: areas gained jobs, manufacturing, service industries. biggest losers, mining, construction and retail. ainsley: labor participation stayed the same january to february, which is 63.2% are out there working. which means 36.8% are not working. maybe retired or too young. connell: added 198,000 jobs not considered in the labor force. now they're participating seems to be in the labor force. a lot could be the fact there is a lot of open jobs, not enough people to fill them, although
5:40 am
you still have under 70% under labor participation. steve: wages rise 3.4% from a year earlier and share of part-time workers has dropped. ainsley: couldn't it also mean so many people are out there working because unemployment numbers are down, some of the lowest numbers, could be some people are out there working, they like their jobs they don't need to go other places? connell: futures dropped 200 points after the jobs report. here is jillian who has got a job. jill yes i do. i love my job. a 2-year-old boy gets pneumonia from eating popcorn. his parents rush to the hospital with his breathing problems. they found six pieces of popcorn lodged in his lung. they warn parents children under five are not strong enough to pop up small pieces of food like popcorn kernels. facebook could track you even if you don't have an account.
5:41 am
what? here is how it works. 23 android apps automatically send data to facebook. most apps already fixed the bug. they believe apps on apple devices may have a similar flaw. facebook says it will address the issues. how about this two congressman get into heated debate on the house floor over nickelback. ♪ yeah, that's nickelback. watch as two men, wisconsin democrat marks pohan and illinois republican rodney davis bring the band into the argument over prison gerrymandering. >> only four wanted to keep this provision. problem about the percent that people think nickelback is their favorite band. that is pretty low. >> why would you criticize one of the greatest bands of the '90s? >> wow. ainsley: we asked people at
5:42 am
home. they wrote in jillian. peggy emailed us and said, who? best exchange i heard on the floor of congress in a long time. connell: melissa writes on facebook, i love nickelback. i don't understand why people dislike them. music is good four exclamation point. steve: i agree with melissa. play some for brian. secretly loves it. connell: big secret. i'm keeping it from myself. that is how big of a secret it is. ainsley: according to the facebook poll 87% of you do like nickelback. connell: really? steve: we've not seen that. that is off the facebook page. you can vote as well. so many love nickelback i am now officially extending the offer, nickelback, if you're watching we would love to have you on the all american summer concert series, this summer playing on a friday, right in front of our world headquarters. connell: aj is calling. pick up the line. it is a 516 number. ainsley: who would you like to
5:43 am
see on the plaza. we don't call it the plaza. call it fox square. connell: paul mccartney would be great. ainsley: give him a call. see if he will come. steve: all eyes on robert mueller as washington waits for his russia probe results. will the left accept his conclusion, what if there is no collusion? congressman devin nunez on that coming up next. ainsley: plus you just heard her read the headlines, heard her say she loves her job. jillian is making breakfast with two other ladies she loves, her mom and her aunt. we're "cooking with friends" this morning. steve: you're listening to, nickelback. please come to fox! ♪ well-rested.
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♪ steve: all eyes on the capitol as we await robert mueller's highly anticipated report on the russia probe. could it be coming out today? ainsley: we will see but will the left accept the report if robert mueller finds no trump-russia collusion? connell: ranking member of the house intelligence committee, california congressman devin nunez. michael cohen who dominated the scene last two weeks according to our own catherine herridge met four times total of 12 hours one-on-one with adam schiff? were you aware of that? are you supposed to be told about this, meeting with a witness before they testify? >> it shouldn't be shocking right? they continue to do this. they met with cohen. they were clearly devise how they will roll out a new narrative. the last two weeks was rolling out a new narrative. despite, major issue despite all of that, they still came out and came out with a fake news story that has now been debunked,
5:48 am
somehow his testimony was changed, that was before congress by trump's lawyers. that is what the media went with. that was the narrative. but ended up being a fake news story. no matter how much witness tampering you do you're not going to find collusion in this, unless you talk about the collusion that the democratic party and clinton campaign were doing with russians. steve: are you suggesting there was witness tampering? >> well, you know, probably not in the legal sense, we're congress, legislative branch, there is nothing illegal about talking to witnesses beforehand but if you're running a real investigation the way you would do it is republican and democrat lawyers would meet with the lawyers of whoever is going to testify. but in this case sounds like they were just meeting with the witness themselves and this, not a serious investigation which it hasn't been since the beginning of this year. ainsley: john brennan is predicting more indictments from special counsel robert mueller
5:49 am
in this russia probe. he says some of them could involve president trump's family members. do you predict that? >> i would find that hard to believe. ainsley: why? >> well look, what you really, what you're really looking at here is collusion, right? the whole point of this mueller investigation was, was there collusion or not? and i have joked about this many times before but it is like this mythical creature that's out there running around somewhere around the capitol. you've got, you know, dozens and dozens of reporters who spend all day looking for this mythical creature. the democrats, they prance out a new, new mythical creature every day. the press follows it. but the reality is, even in the mueller indictments they make all the indictments read like something that will be really serious. this is really the collusion evidence, when in reality the collusion is right in front of us, right? look, there were prosecutors on
5:50 am
mueller's team, even today, that are still there supposedly, i don't know if they're still meeting or not, remember these guys were meeting with the democrats, they were taking in this steele dossier which was the dirt. so these guys were involved in this whole time. they're part of it. the mueller team is part of the collusion. they were taking information supposedly came directly from russians. steve: we'll see what happens. devin nunez from california. thank you. >> great to be with you. steve: meanwhile she brings us the headlines every morning. jillian is bringing breakfast with her mom and aunt. we're "cooking with friends" up next. ainsley: first we'll check with bill hemmer for what is coming up at top of the hour. >> we're taking a to-go order you guys, if that is possible. you out there, smitty? >> i will take one. >> you want to save a friend. want to call a friend? thank you. we're waiting for the president to depart for the deadly damage in alabama. there is lot to comment on. house democrats and hate
5:51 am
resolution. there is north korea back at us. stay tuned for more on that. mike huckabee, alan dershowitz. cast of thousands of the a great lineup. it's friday. sand today and i see you at the top of the hour. perfect taste and texture to get your meal started right. there's brushing...and there's oral-b power brushing. oral-b just cleans better. even my hygienist said going electric could lead to way cleaner teeth. and unlike sonicare, oral-b is the first electric toothbrush brand accepted by the ada. oral-b. brush like a pro.
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5:55 am
together. anywhere. steve: this is really simple recipe you can make the night before, right? ainsley: you made it in the morning. >> years ago i made it at night but you can do in the morning. it came when jillian was 3 at preschool. there are a few moms got together to go to each other's house when kids were in school. this is the when she was three. i may lose some things but this i actually have. ainsley: over the years changed? >> original recipe calls for sausage. i'm vegetarian. my brother-in-law is gluten-free. steve: gluten-free bagels. you shredded them what do you do? >> if you do the meat at the top. connell: hand ripped? >> bagel, not bread. the original recipe called for bread. over the years, everything bagels give it a very good flavor. steve: let's get to whipping. >> add the milk.
5:56 am
>> whip along there. >> yes i will. steve: family affair. >> and mustard. ainsley: y'all are sisters, right? >> yes. >> with the cake. >> you add the cheese. mix this. pour it on top, bake it. steve: so simple. connell: then you make this? >> i want to just mention it. we'll make it in the "after the show show." cutting board, if you look at that, that is handwritten recipe from my mother, my brother gave it to my mom. ainsley: great gift. >> it is inscribed on cutting board. steve: we'll step a side. taste it in a minute. recipe at fox and secret about jillian revealed. jillian: what secret? ainsley: you don't know it yet. ♪ and last longer with fewer pills. so why am i still thinking about this?
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steve: okay, jillian's mom a secret about jillian growing up. >> when jillian was two she
6:00 am
was very mature. i'm ready for a big girl bed. when she was ready to get her ears pierced very mature. >> ainsley: 2 years old to want a big girl bed that's a big deal. steve: have a great weekend. >> bill: thank you, everybody. we begin with a fox news alert awaiting the president's departure from the white house leaving for lee county, alabama. that place was ravaged by tornadoes. is he going to meet with officials and families recovering from a storm that killed 23, including four young children. that unfolds today. will he speak with reporters on the way out? we are waiting for that we will bring it to you live if and when it happens coming up here. first though after a week of debate and controversy and what controversy this was. the house passes an anti hate resolution. it does not call out congresswoman omar by name. it does not specifically target anti-semitism. but it went through on a friday welcome, everybody. 4r-78 made it bill hemmer live in new york. hello, dear. >> sandra: good morning, bill. i'm sandra smi


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